Statesville Fire Department

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Statesville Fire Department, Iredell County, North Carolina

STATESVILLE– The City of Statesville Fire Department has taken delivery of a new Custom Pumper built by Rosenbauer.  The truck will run out of a new station just opened that is just over a mile from the CW Williams Service Center in Statesville.

This is the first Rosenbauer purchased by Statesville and as a result the Department did a thorough examination of Rosenbauer before buying.  Deputy Chief Cline and members of his committee visited with other Fire Departments operating Rosenbauer equipment.  Chief Cline commented that “after visiting with Oxford FD in Catawba county, we not only came away with a good feeling about what Rosebauer could do, but we saw a lot of features on the Oxford truck that we adopted for our own”.

Statesville’s truck is built on an extra long Spartan Gladiator cab with a 20″ raised roof.  A portion of the raised roof behind to driver and officer seats included a compartment for storage of flashlights, helmets and other equipment.  There are compartments on each side of the cab at the rear for additional storage.  There is a 24″ front bumper extension equipped with an Amkum combi tool, 200′ of hydrulic hose on a reel and pre-plumbed compartment for a trash line.  The truck is powered by a Cummins ISX 500hp engine.

The pump enclosure includes a transverse compartment ahead of the pump panel accessible by roll up door on each side of the truck.  The truck has a single cross lay above the pump panel allowing for a large dunnage area.  A Smart Power 10kW generator, TFT deck gun, two hydrualic reels and two electrical reels are all packaged in the dunnage area.  A full featured pump panel controls the Hale 1250 gpm QMax pump as well as a Williams A and B foam system.  The truck carries 700 gallons of water and two 20 gallon foam cells.

The Rosenbauer CT body is built of 3/16″ aluminum and provides Statesville with 28″ deep compartments.  This compartment depth allowed Statesville to utilize Rosenbauer swing out tool boards in the compartments above the wheel well on both sides of the truck.  There is storage for eight SCBA spare bottles in the officer’s side wheel well.  Ladders and pike poles are enclosed in the body.  The truck will carry a complete Amkus rescue system on it.  While the pictures here do not show it, one of the Captains assigned to the truck and an employee at the City’s garage were tasked with laying out and mounting all the equipment on the truck.  They did a superb job!

Fire Chief: David Cline

Salesperson: Don Gerringer



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