EMS Apparatus

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EMS Apparatus

When it comes to specing, procuring, building and supporting your apparatus we make the process easy and efficient.


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Type l Classic Ambulance

The PL Custom Classic Type I provides the perfect compromise for Fire Department and EMS Personnel. Super Duty for maximum flexibility, durability and payload offer a comfortable and stable ride for the driver, patient and crew.

Type III Medallion Ambulance

The PL Custom Medallion Type III has for years set the highest standard for emergency vehicles. The finest fit and finish in the industry is combined with plenty of usable payload and the quietest most comfortable ambulance ride available.

Medium Duty Titan Ambulance

The PL Custom Titan Medium Duty stands out among other vehicles for providing unequaled flexibility for customers who want their ambulance to do more. The medium duty platform supports the design needs of both career and volunteer Fire/EMS departments as well as the serviceability requirements of the maintenance teams.

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