Little River Volunteer Fire Department

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Rosenbauer Maverick: a 1250/1250 Pumper-Tanker

Little River Volunteer Fire Department, Wayne County, NC

PIKEVILLE – The Little River Volunteer Fire Department in Wayne County, NC has taken delivery of a new Rosenbauer Maverick.  The Maverick is a new model by Rosenbauer that combines the versatililty and performance of a pumper with the capacity of a tanker.  This unit carries 1250 gallons of water and has a 1250 gpm Darley PSP PTO-driven pump, all while keeping a 186″ wheelbase.  Not only can it get off-road and into tight spaces, it can also “pump and roll” when it gets there!

Little River’s new apparatus is built on a Freightliner M2 chassis with a 300 hp Cummins ISC engine.  The engine is accompanied with an Allison 3000 EVS automatic transmission.  The Darley pump is a PTO-driven pump that is light and compact (can be completely removed from the truck in one (1) hour).  The pump also has a Rosenbauer Exclusive Automatic Primer.  The fire department has to simply press the “Engage” button and walk away; the pump automatically re-primes if the prime is lost.

There are also some great performance features on the body.  The body has a very high ground clearance, in part because the pump does not hang below the rails.  And the body is built on the Rosenbauer Exclusive Galvanized Subframe to provide long life and protection against corrosion.  Also, on the body and chassis there is a Code 3 LED light package.  There are two (2) low crosslays behind the cab, and a booster line incorporated into the rear of the body.  Also at the rear of the body is the Rosenbauer Swivel Dump.  This is a new Maverick with great pumping performance, water hauling capabilities, water dumping capabilities, and lots of compartment space.

Fire Chief:  Mike Aycock

Salesperson:  Tim Hall


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