Bunn Rural Fire Department

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Rosenbauer/Commander  1250/1000/20  Side Mount Pumper

Bunn Rural Fire Dept., Franklin County, North Carolina

Fire Chief: Matt Strawbridge

Salesman: Joel Callihan

Truck Features:

  • ROSENBAUER 54” Commander chassis
  •  450 hp motor
  •  Weldon Multiplex Electrical System with driver Display
  •  IMMI RollTek Rollover & 4-Front Airbag Frontal Impact Safety System
  • Pedestal mounted Q2B siren
  •  ROSENBAUER FX 3/16” Aluminum body
  • Hot dipped galvanized body sub-frame (life-time warranty)
  • Internal storage for Ground Ladders, Pike Poles, Hard Suction, & Portable Drop Tank
  •  Wheel Well Bottle Storage for Six (6) SCBAs, & Two (2) Fire Extinguisher
  •  6kW Onan Hydraulic Generator
  • Hale 1250 GPM Pump
  • 1000/20 gallon UPF water and foam tanks
  •  FoamPro Injection Class A Foam System
  •  Pre-connects located above Pump
  • Booster hose reel above pump
  •  Newton 10” Rear Quick Dump with Dual Electric Controls



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