FDIC 2024: Pioneering the Future for First Responders

FDIC International 2024 has once again proven to be the premier event for North America’s fire and rescue industry. This event showcases groundbreaking technologies and innovations transforming firefighting and EMS capabilities, driving improved outcomes for first responders. Highlights this year include advanced solutions from top vendors, featuring integrations of artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and state-of-the-art firefighting equipment. Don’t miss our exclusive photo gallery at the end of the post and footage from the convention floor on our YouTube channel, where you’ll find booth walkthroughs and insightful conversations with partners unveiling their latest releases and key product offerings designed to enhance first responder safety and effectiveness.

Here are a few key releases and highlights from our partners at the event:
The Dräger PSS AirBoss highlights its ergonomic structure, signature "Buddy Lights" for visibility, and the "floating" waist belt for balanced weight distribution, engineered to support the dynamic needs of modern firefighting. © Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

The Dräger PSS AirBoss highlights its ergonomic structure, signature “Buddy Lights” for visibility, and the “floating” waist belt for balanced weight distribution, engineered to support the dynamic needs of modern firefighting. Photo shows prototype; actual product may vary slightly upon release.
© Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

// Upcoming AirBoss SCBA

As your dedicated Dräger distributor, we were thrilled about the showcase for the next-generation AirBoss SCBA at FDIC 2024. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Dräger PSS 7000 series, the AirBoss has been upgraded with the latest innovations in firefighting technology:

  • Enhanced Ergonomics: Features a lightweight design with a ‘floating’ waist belt, engineered to reduce fatigue and enhance mobility for firefighters.
  • Intelligent Features: Includes the Dräger AirBoss Sentinel, equipped with a full-color display that boosts situational awareness and overall safety.
  • Quick Maintenance: Equipped with quick-connect systems and RFID tags for efficient setup and minimal downtime.
  • Superior Protection: Constructed with water-repellent materials that remain light and dry quickly, ensuring agility and effectiveness in challenging conditions.

Dräger’s AirBoss NFPA SCBA will be grant-eligible for next year’s AFG cycle, making it an excellent opportunity for departments to upgrade their equipment.

We invite you to explore the advanced capabilities of the Dräger AirBoss SCBA. To learn more about this innovative SCBA and how it can transform your firefighting experience, click here or join us for an informative webinar on May 28 by registering here.

// AeroFlex and FDXL90 Boot

Fire-Dex proudly showcased their latest innovations in firefighter safety—AeroFlex turnouts and FDXL90 Boots. These new additions to their line are engineered to elevate the standards of personal protective equipment:

  • Advanced Protection: AeroFlex turnouts feature cutting-edge materials that offer enhanced protection against heat and flames.
  • Groundbreaking Vent Technology: AeroFlex turnouts are designed with an innovative venting technology that increases breathability and protects against heat stress.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: FDXL90 Boots are dual-certified to NFPA 1951 and 1999 and provide industry-leading protection and breathability for 90% of calls.

Discover how Fire-Dex is setting new standards in firefighting personal protective equipment. Contact us for your turnout gear wear trial and to order or visit AeroFlex and FDXL90 for more information.

“I am amazed at how cool it felt,” said Chief Chad Christenson of the L.A. County Fire Department following a long-term AeroFlex™ wear trial. “I tried on several occasions to saturate myself with as much convective and radiant heat as possible, then when I moved around, I actually started to cool off. This has never happened in any other set of gear I have worn. The technology is amazing.”

Fire-Dex AeroFlex turnout gear and FDXL90 structural boot.

AeroFlex™ Has Arrived.
A Groundbreaking Leap in Firefighter Comfort and Safety.
FDXL90 boot, dual-certified for non-fire emergencies, offers unmatched breathability and flexibility.
© Fire-Dex, LLC

QXT Pro, NXT Pro, and DXT Thermal Imagers with visuals of the X-Factor Image Enhancement technology and features.

Equip your team with top-tier tools: the QXT Pro, NXT Pro, and DXT thermal imagers, featuring X-Factor Image Enhancement technology for superior decision-making.
© Bullard

// QXT Pro, NXT Pro and DXT

Bullard showcased their innovative thermal imagers at FDIC 2024: QXT Pro, NXT Pro, and DXT, all featuring cutting-edge X-Factor 2.0 Image Enhancement technology:

  • Enhanced Visibility: X-Factor 2.0 sharpens contrasts for clearer, quicker scene assessment.
  • Superior Image Quality: Offers up to 640 x 480 resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate for sharp, smooth images.
  • Extended Efficiency: Features long battery life up to 8.5 hours with Thermal Throttle™.
  • Durability: Rugged design backed by Bullard’s CareFree® 5-year warranty ensures reliability.

These models exemplify Bullard’s commitment to enhancing safety and decision-making for firefighters. Learn how these thermal imagers can revolutionize your firefighting tactics by clicking here.

// Battery-powered Smoke Ejector

Super Vac, a leader in fire ventilation equipment, proudly unveiled its latest innovation at FDIC International 2024: a new battery-powered Smoke Ejector. This addition enhances Super Vac’s popular lineup of 16”, 18”, and 20” PPVs, which are known for their flexibility and compatibility with non-proprietary batteries from DeWalt® FLEXVOLT, Makita® XGT, Milwaukee® REDLITHIUM, and HURST® EWXT/E3™.

  • Versatile Power Options: Operates on standard batteries or 115 VAC/220 VAC shore power.
  • Efficient Design: Weighs just 38 lbs. and delivers powerful 6,700 cfm airflow, making it ideal for various ventilation needs.
  • Extended Run Time: Offers up to 93 minutes of operation, depending on the battery used.
  • Enhanced Portability and Functionality: Features dual carry handles and a compact design for easy positioning and transport.

The Smoke Ejector’s versatility extends with optional accessories like duct adapters, spiral ducts, and mounts, allowing customization for different operational scenarios. It can also produce mist or foam with the Mountain Mister and Foam Generator accessories. Explore further details online at Super Vac Smoke Ejectors.

Super Vac's 16" battery-powered smoke ejector in left and right views.

Super Vac’s 16″ battery-powered smoke ejector, showcasing dual ventilation modes. Utilizing negative pressure, it effectively pulls smoke from structures and can be reversed for positive pressure. The unique one-piece blade spirals air, swiftly clearing smoke and fumes.
© SuperVac

Night Scan with modern and long-lasting LED lamps.

Upgrade your halogen light Night Scan with modern
and long-lasting LED lamps.
© The Will-Burt Company

// Will-Burt X200 LED Scene Light

New light for your trusted Night Scan light tower.

Featured at FDIC, the Will-Burt X200 LED Scene Light is a game-changer for those who depend on their Night Scan light towers. Your apparatus’s Night Scan light tower has been a reliable companion through the darkest nights and most challenging scenes. Ensuring the safety of your crew and the effectiveness of your operations is crucial. But those quartz halogen lights…

We understand—they just don’t last as long as they used to. You need the latest technology with LED lights that are both brighter and longer-lasting, but budget constraints can be a concern.

Introducing the Will-Burt X200, the perfect solution to extend the life and LIGHT of your Night Scan light tower. With 20,000 lumens of brightness and a limited lifetime warranty, this upgrade is designed to deliver exceptional performance.

Choose from the most popular light brands—FRC, Whelen, Night Scan, and Will-Burt—and experience the benefits of LED scene lighting: longer life, low power consumption, and rugged reliability.

  • Longevity: LED lights last significantly longer than halogen bulbs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Lower power consumption while providing high luminosity.
  • Compatibility: Upgrade kits available for nearly every Night Scan model.
  • Ease of Installation: Available for Do-It-Yourself or Will-Burt Factory Service installation.

Learn more about the Will-Burt X200 and the LED Scene Light Upgrade Kits on Will-Burt’s Product Page.

The Spotlight on AI and Electric Fire Apparatus

The integration of AI into public safety continues to evolve, with applications ranging from incident command decision-making to fire prevention and inspection. FDIC 2024 provided a platform to explore how AI can further enhance the capabilities of fire and EMS departments.
Moreover, the shift towards electric fire apparatus is gaining momentum. Notably, the Beyond Electric RTX Experience by Rosenbauer America was a major attraction, presenting an in-depth look at the future of firefighting with their latest RTX Electric Fire Truck. This vehicle exemplifies the move towards more sustainable, efficient, and adaptable firefighting solutions.
For more information on the products and technologies showcased at FDIC International 2024, please visit the official FDIC website or contact the vendors directly through their sites linked above.

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