We need warehouse space and that could be good for you.. Over time, hundreds of PPE items from leading manufacturers such as Fire Dex, Shelby, Globe, Cairns, Bullard, Pro Warrington, etc. have accumulated in our Rocky Mount warehouse as a result of trading out salesman demo gear, sizing mistakes, incorrect configurations, discontinuation of models and in some cases we do not represent the brand any longer. All items are in “like new” condition, meet NFPA and are priced to go!

Turn Out Gear Coats- $300 ea.
Turn Out Gear Pants- $300 ea.
Helmets- $125.00 ea.
Boots- $75 to $100 ea.
Gloves- $25 ea.
Extrication Coats- $50 ea.
Extrication Pants- $50 ea.
Extrication Coveralls- $100 ea.

Budgets tight? Need to outfit a new firefighter, a rookie class or even Junior Firefighters? Here is your chance to almost completely outfit them at crazy low prices.

Your local CWW Salesman has a complete list of these items and can provide you with details such as sizes, colors, materials, part numbers along with how many we have and pricing. If you are unsure of who you should call, go to our website at www.cwwilliamsfire.com and click on Find My Salesman and then click on your state. You are also welcome to contact our Inside Equipment Sales Dept. at 800-277-3473.

Terms of Sale- first come first served, limited to items listed, prices are non-negotiable, taxes and shipping fees will apply, all sales are final, no returns accepted, CANNOT BE PURCHASED WITH ANY TYPE OF GRANT MONEY.