2015 NE Demo-page-001This unit (#13911) comes off the production line in August. It features a long Commander Cab to accommodate multiple seating configurations or in-cab storage compartments. Paint scheme is black over red. It has a very maneuverable 199” wheel base, and a 32’-10 overall length. The rescue style body is Rosenbauer’s fully extruded EXT body that comes with a life time structural warranty. There is internal storage for ladders, pike poles and suction hose and ample shelving, trays and tool boards in the compartments. It is equipped with an 8Kw Smart Power hydraulic generator. There is a 750 gallon tank plus an integral 30 gallon foam cell if you want to add a foam system. The pump is a 1500 gpm Hale QMAX. It comes with a front bumper hose well and discharge, three cross lays, deck gun plumbing, and low access hose bed.

Contact your local CWW salesman to set up a demo or get detailed specifications.

One last thing…you won’t believe the price!