Belfast-Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department

Rosenbauer/Freightliner  1250/1000/20  Top Mount Pumper

Belfast-Rosedale VFD, Russell County, Virginia

Fire Chief: Kris Whaley

Salesman: Mike White

Truck Features:

  • Freightliner M2 106 Chassis
  • 350 HP motor
  •  ROSENBAUER FX 3/16” aluminum body
  • Hot dipped galvanized body sub-frame (life-time warranty)
  • Fire Research Evolution II Scene Lighting Package
  • Raise up scene lights at rear of body
  • Internal Storage for Ladders, Portable Drop tank, Hard Suction, & Pike Poles
  • Wheel Well Storage for Eight (8) SCBA’s, & Wheel Chocks
  •  1000/20 Gallon UPF Tanks
  • Hale 1250 GPM Pump
  •  Preconnects Ahead of Pump, & Front Bumper